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Due to Independence Day, we will be closed on July 4th. All orders placed on that day will be processed on July 5th.

Balloons by Luz Paz,

the balloon store in Miami that has it all!

At Balloons by Luz Paz, we house the largest collection of balloons and party supplies in Florida. In our balloon store you will find all the elements you need to create and install balloon arrangements and decorations, take a look at everything we have for you!

Our Gemar latex balloons are the favorite balloons par excellence, their durability, variety of colors and textures have made them the #1 brand in the international market. In our balloon store you can buy latex balloons in the tones and finishes that you wish, there is no color that Gemar doesn't have!
Balloons in Miami

Gemar latex balloons in Florida Excellence and quality guaranteed!

Access the colors and textures that Gemar has for you.

Foil balloons for parties and events in Florida

Get personalized designs for all occasions.

Gemar latex balloons come in an incredible number of sizes and patterns!

Gemar latex balloons offer a variety of sizes to suit any event or decor. Standard 12-inch balloons are a popular and versatile choice for any type of event, from birthdays to weddings; they are large enough to be eye-catching, but not so large that they are hard to handle. The 19-inch balloons, on the other hand, are ideal for decorating large spaces, such as indoor or outdoor events. They are larger than standard balloons and can quickly fill a space, making them an excellent choice for events that require striking decorations.

The best part? They're all available in our Miami balloon store, take a look at our collection!


Our Miami balloon store houses the largest collection of Gemar colors

Gemar latex balloons offer a wide range of colors to suit any event or decor, from vibrant and vivid colors to soft and elegant tones, as well as custom options.
Whether for a themed party, wedding or corporate event, Gemar latex balloons have the perfect color to add a special touch to any decor.

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Find in Balloons by Luz Paz accessories for your parties in Miami

Get everything you need to create the perfect decoration.

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