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Luz Paz is a proud Latin, hard working woman, wife and mother of four. She is the founder and creator of Balloons by Luz Paz and a balloon artist that always loved designs and colors. It all started on 1984 when her passion to decorate for friends and family, rapidly became an actual business. Her hard work and consistency throughout the years, next to her beloved husband Omar Bucio and kids, made her dream expand into the Balloons by Luz Paz.

Luz Paz is inspired to teach the art of balloons displays and with the help of her number one supporter and husband, Omar Bucio, she began to teach more and more people about their incredible balloon skills. In order to learn more, she always travelled to continuously increase her knowledge from other artists. Throughout her journey, she noticed that there was a gap in the balloon education and decided to start her own balloon decoration certificate program. She created a continuous learning program that allowed people to become a Certified Party Decorator (C.P.D) and economically independent.

Her techniques and designs have helped hundreds of people learn this incredible art and has incentivized them to begin their own business and become entrepreneurs themselves.

Today, her store offers the largest display of premium GEMAR Balloons in Florida, featuring a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Their hard work and family business evolved over time and has given her the opportunity to decorate for famous individuals such as Tommy Hilfiger, Emilio Estefan, Karim Benzema, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma among others. Additionally, her success has made her worthy of multiple awards such as Indianapolis County 2009, Mujer InspiraciĆ³n del 2017, Mujer Imparable Telemundo 2019, Mujer IN 2019, GEMAR Ambassador Worldwide since 2018, and most importantly Luz Paz Day Proclamation in Florida on October 21st. These awards give Luz Paz the honor to showcase her skills through education and establish herself as an influencer of the balloon industry for two main reasons: the use of superior sustainable resources and the preservation of balloon modelling as a true art form.